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Bosch or Bremi were both oem

There was a recall back around 2005 for faulty coils. I think if you had Bosch, you got free new 6 coils.
Recommendation is to replace all six at a time.
If you don't, at least use the same brand.

Originally Posted by Stuttgart330 View Post
My 01 330 with 170K miles just did the same thing - read the codes with my "peake" scanner as it gives you the correct table to undertand the codes. Said I had a misfire on cyl #2 and then coil #2 problem. So I'm guessing it's a problem with the coil. I watched the video in this post and tried what the mech did - only issue is my car now runs fine. Must be a bad coil that is coming and going...

So, where does one get coil's for these that match the Bosch I have (oem) - WITHOUT replacing all of them. I'd like not to spend 300+ on 6 new coils and I read somewhere that it is recommended to replace all of them with the same brand as they may have different resistances... not sure about that, but I guess...

Everywhere I look, it says OEM is Bremi - but mine are Bosch???
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