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Spent 3.5 hours installing everything tonight. Had no real problems (except for the bottom plug & hose on the tank). I only installed the waterpump, the ex tank, the radiator, and upper/lower hoses.

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Better get an ATT to in case you break it off while taking the expansion tank off. A lot of guys seem to break it. I did not but my tank came off very easily. Its at the bottom of the tank. The write up talks about and has part number.
My manual trans car has a plug in the bottom where the big hose for the auto trans cars goes. I had no trouble removing it. I thought the tank was supposed to be blank on the bottom, so I had a moment of panic when I saw the giant hole in the bttom of the tank. The pics on RealOEM don't show the bottom of the tank, so they look like two different tanks.

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But you did not mention getting a new temperature sensor that plugs into the lower rad hose. This leaks if you try to transfer to the new hose without a new O-ring, and that part is only sold with a new sensor. Relatively cheap part for the insurance.

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I didn't get this in time, so i reused the sensor with its OG o-ring. I'll check it tomorrow on my extended test drive and replace it if it leaks.

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