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Okie dokie.....

As already mentioned, kind of hard to tell from the angles, but....

1. You don't seem to let the car unwind to the edge of the track.

2. You appear to be making another rookie mistake of early turn-in. VERY early it appears from the video.

3. Related to 1 and 2, use all of the road mate. I see a lot of time spent in the middle of the track. It's RARE that the line takes you down the center of the track. Usually you're at the edge of the track or driving from edge to edge, not down the middle. On occasion, with very short straights between corners in an S turn, sometimes you do drive down the middle of the track as the best compromise of tracking out and getting a good turn-in, but it's rare.

You need to be smoother. More relaxed. Forget the camera. Maybe leave it home next time. Listen to your instructor. Start slowly. I ALWAYS advise my students to take AT LEAST one full lap about 60% or slower, concentrating on driving the line, regardless of speed. Always drive the same line. The ONLY reason to deviate is wheel to wheel racing when you're passing or protecting and you're not racing wheel to wheel. I usually prefer to have my students take two full laps to warm up. You have to warm both the car AND the driver. Last year I had the last stint of the day in our LeMons car. In this situation the car is warmed up, but the driver isn't. Drove right off the track under braking. DOH! At DE you are not competing, so take your time to get up to speed. It is very important and warm-up laps should feel excruciatingly slow. When I'm racing in a sprint race like SCCA, I take one very slow warm up lap and then one a little faster before forming up for the start.

Try to do exactly what your instructor is telling you to do. If you cannot do it because things are happening too quickly, you need to slow down enough so that you can follow his/her instructions completely. You will end up faster at the end of the day. Shoot, the best student I ever had was so smooth that in the final session I was falling asleep in the car. NO worries, super smooth, almost nothing to critique. He was actually ready to push a little faster but that was better saved for next time.
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