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Did you even get an instructor, or did they just throw you out there? I really hate to think the person with the camera was an instructor. If they are, they should be fired on the spot.

All the lines are really bad. The double left hander around 0:45 is so bad it hurts to watch. Entry is early and not from the edge of the track. You keep the car pinched in tight and drive straight between the corners. It appears from the video that it should be taken as one large single turn. By staying tight to the left you totally compromise your entry into the second left hander. You can see and hear you pinch the car in the corner and by your vocal expressions, you seem to have felt it too.

I am not trying to criticize or beat you down. It's hard to give good critique from that video, but....

1. If that was an instructor, don't use him again.
2. Get a good instructor and even if they clear you to run solo, keep the instructor all day. Any decent one will gladly accommodate you.
3. You have a lot of work to do, and I don't mean to race or be top notch. You're very sloppy, but quite a lot of people are at the beginning (I know it's your first time - that's why you need to keep a decent instructor in the car).

You'll get there. Open your mind. Listen to your instructor. And again, if you cannot follow your instructor's instructions completely, slow down a bit. If you cannot hit your turn-in, apex, and track-out accurately, every time, slow down a bit. If you feel you mess up two corners in a row, it's getting away from you and slow down a bit. I know I keep saying slow down, but it's more important to get it right at this point that it is to do it fast if you want to improve and really be fast later.
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