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Here's what I always tell all of my students:

1. Look where you want to go. If you're in control, and especially if you're out of control. You should be looking at the track out point before you even hit the apex.

2. Hands. Hands. Hands. Always at 9/3. Always. Your hand should only be on the shifter if you're shifting. Only then. Shuffle steer if you really have to.

3. Slow in fast out. Always. Always. Always.

4. There's a string from the bottom of the steering wheel to the top of your right toe: You can't accelerate if the wheel is turned, but you can go WOT if it's straight. Self explanatory.

5. And above all else: LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. Nobody drives like Senna at their first track day.

Oh, but above all else else, listen, respect, and talk with your instructor. We like communication. We love to hear if you know you made a mistake.

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