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Originally Posted by stapler12345 View Post
now he can sue the mcdonalds franchisee for firing him
McDs doesn't need him to have committed a crime in order to fire him. Even if all he did was give the women bad service, or use profanity or something, they can fire him for not meeting their employment expectations, never mind pounding them with a metal rod. LOL

What McDs needs to do is review the vid and the witness accounts, decide if his actions were reasonable by their standards, to what degree management was responsible for the situation, look at the big picture of the guy's employment, and make a decision that is fair to him and protects the business.

If this guy was constantly on edge, getting into arguments with other employees, showing up late, being rude or threatening to other customers, then this may be the last straw for them, regardless of how justified his actions might have seemed. If he was a good employee and they feel like anyone would have done what he did, then they'd probably want the guy back.

They also have to consider that they'd look like fools and be even more liable if they hire the guy back and in a few months, he's involved in another altercation.

Originally Posted by stapler12345 View Post
Rayon McIntosh Plans to Take "Civil Action" Against McDonald's After Metal Rod Beatdown
I'm glad the GJ had the good sense not to indict him. If the articles are to be believed, this guy had his life back on track and I hope he can continue that with all this behind him. I watched the vid again for the umpteenth time and it still makes me smile when face-slapping-and-counter-jumping hubris transitions into omg-what-did-I-get-myself-into cowering.

Funny how this guy is going to sue McDs and there's no mention made of him suing the two women that attacked him. First rule of civil lawsuits, it doesn't really matter who's at fault, go after the one with the money.

The double irony is that if McDs can be found liable for creating the situation by not supplying security, etc, that opens the door for the 2 criminals to sue McDs as well, and they could end up getting rewarded for acting like fools.
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