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I don't normally post pictures of kind of off/side projects that aren't from the normal roof, window trim, etc. However, I figure I'll start posting them more since I've had quite a few requests or people ask me about this.

Here's a SC400 that I vinyl wrapped the lower lip on the bumper in the 3M 1080 glossy carbon fiber vinyl material. The lip was fairly damaged, hence the crack which you can clearly see through the material and some other small chips along the bottom edge of the lip. I do not usually wrap lips, since they require a seam line in the middle, due to the lengths that lips usually are (~7'-8'). In the picture taken front on, you can see the small seam line a couple of inches to the left of the crack. To some that may be acceptable, while to others it may be something they'll always see/notice. Hopefully this will give you guys somewhat of a better idea of how it'll work/look.


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