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I'm liking the rumoured improvements alot.

Dual tuner so you can listen to your favourite station whilst the unit quietly finds and monitors another with Traffic Announcements.

Ipod Resume. At last. I also like the promo shots with what looks like cover art, but I wonder if it's just a generic ipod mode wallpaper rather than actual album covers read from the ipod. A huge improvement over the D90 even if so.

Parrot Bluetooth chip. If it's anywhere near as good as the CK3100 I have in my other car it'll be a huge improvement on my D90. Well done Dynavin for buying that.

OBC display looks great. I'm assuming this is on the 'radio' side rather than the WinCE/Android side. If so, I really hope it can be displayed whilst listening to a source, say aux-in (or whatever). It would be so much better than looking at a blank screen saying 'no video signal' when listening to my external DAB tuner. But I fear it will be a separate 'mode' which cancels the audio currently playing. Let's hope I'm wrong!
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