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Originally Posted by deadpass View Post
What is your income like comparatively? I mean, if you only make 5 bucks a week then 98 cents is a lot. Not saying that's the truth tho. What is the economic situation like down there?
Gas is cheaper than water, a full tank of gas costs less than half of a can of pepsi down here, everyone has Directv. etc.

There is alot of speculation however and inflation aswell. But people are making more money here aswell so it balances itself out for them. If you only have dollars and not a job here than things will be expensive. Overall the economy is exellent. The government gives away free new vehicles to people who work to improve the community and help out. My friend got a New F250 in 2009 and he loves it. He uses it as a bus/transport in the Morrocoy internationial park and its HIS truck. The government is building free houses for people in the slums and the poverty rate has decreased a huge amount. Things are great right now except for the insecurity. But that will improve aswell.

We don't have a oppresive government and/or ruthless dictator here like the U.S Media wants you to believe.

The U.S want to say that so they can convince everybody to go over and "save" the venezuelans from the evil dictator Chavez which is bullshit because they only want our oil and resources. Chavez isin't a dictator. If he was than the military would have killed his ass or thrown him out.

We get Healthcare that we pay through in taxes that arent expensive AT ALL. The goverment is building new clinics and hospitals throughout Venezuela.

I pay $27.90 for electricity each month.
And $23.25 for water each month as does everyone else.

If the security was better here than this would be the best place in the world right now.

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