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No codes, no CEL/SES light? I am not familiar with the symptoms of a failing CCV (other than high oil consumption) so can only make wild guesses, but here are some:
--MAF is dirty or plug is loose, but that should throw a code
--ICV is dirty and sticking and you should clean it
--TB is dirty and sticking open when it's cold; Remove and clean TB; or wires to TB are loose or failing
--Vacuum leak in lower or upper intake boot is letting in unmetered air; perhaps one of the boots was old and cracked with the cold weather
--It is your CCV; try the freezer bag over oil fill hole test (but hang onto one end so if CCV is bad, the whole bag doesn't get sucked into the valve train area)

After the car warms up, does it do the same thing? I'm wondering if it does this when the engine is cold or when the external air is cold.

Note that if you are removing the TB, I think you have remove the ICV too, so if cleaning TB may as well clean ICV. And to remove either TB or ICV, you must remove upper and lower intake boots, so be sure to inspect both carefully for leaks. Lower boot likes to leak in its "thumb" which connects to the ICV.
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