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Originally Posted by Sansho View Post
Generally, that is applicable to e46's that have gone ~150K miles without a fluid change. The thought is that changing the fluid then can loosen gunk in the transmission causing poor performance.

It is just a thought or myth. That is about all it is.

If you look at the problems people have had with their GM5 or ZF transmissions and it is usually a Reverse problem. Fewer other problems reported with transmissions.

If you have ever taken your transmission pan off, (mine had 135K) you will see that the interior is clean as a whistle. The only dirt is in the pan, the fluid and the filter. Changing out the filter, fluid and cleaning the pan will remove 95% of dirt in the transmission. If the gunk was going to be loose, it would have done that already. There is no gunk like you think it should be. The ATF is a medium to move stuff to the filter.

Anyone have a picture of a tranny with gunk in it? Most of the pictures here are clean interiors.
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