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Originally Posted by TR4G- View Post
me like!

wait so (forgive me if this has been asked already) are stage 2 speakers going to surface is the future? i feel like a package deal where you get the full upgrade (speakers plus amp) for a bit less would help with sales (maybe not though lol)
"Stage 2" is the amp. We redesigned our speaker offerings to go along with this upgrade in mind.

Originally Posted by ZZen330 View Post
Too pricey at 600. Would have been okay if this was released back in 2008 or 2009 but the cars now are worth less and less. 600 for just an amp coming out in 2012 for 1999-2005 cars...meh. At that price you missed the boat. As you said there are still lots of people buying these cars but they are buying them CHEAP, and those buyers won't be dropping 600 on an amp only. Boat missed. Try 350-400 maybe.
To be blunt many say our speaker packages are 'too pricey' as well at 600 dollars for the E46. However it is by far our most popular offering across the board. When you consider the ease of replacement and resulting quality of the upgrade it is a good value for many. To the point that we actually just experienced another Holiday backorder this year for the Standard Fitment(of course working trough that now with a batch to arrive this week).

So yes it is not 'cheap' and you could go build a generic system for less but there is a value to plug and play, designed for your car and the results that you will receive. It will be a phenomenal upgrade and will be more than just adding an amp. We are adding more power as well

Originally Posted by ryanwhite74115 View Post
true...but $600 for a 4-channel amp (by four channel I realize there are 10 speakers but only 4 way control from the headunit) is on the upper end...and considering it is the only option that is plug-and-play (ie: no options for more or less power) should have been priced better.

Great example is sell the entire speaker and amp package for $1k shipped...would be so much easier to sell.

599.99(Speaker Package) + 599.99(Estimated Amp Price) - 25% off for amp = 1050

Of course that is the intro pricing but again as said our most popular products are E46 products. We know it is delayed and I am sure we did miss out on some potential customers but we are working! It has been said before but again while the E46 are our most popular products our E36 is right behind it and surprisingly the E34 which is special order only we get at least 1 call a week asking if we have some ready to ship.

We'll be here and we'll be working on it! Stay tuned!

I'll add some photos to the thread from our fanpage for fun

And as a fun side note... anyone see our new tool kit? *shameless plug*

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