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Originally Posted by Bugermass View Post
Mustang Dynos don't read low.. Every other dyno just reads too HIGH!!!!! we also have a mustang dyno and its got the factory cal in it so it reads on the low side as well, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else!!
Poeple who tune with them love them but car owners hate them because they have squashed MANY bragging rights in the past. Some guys go crazy until they take their car out to a Dyno Jet just for the print out.

You know, when a guy spends a TON of money and his buddy is still showing more HP on a Dyno jet VS the guy's Mustang results, it can be worrisome. And it varies. Sometimes its a small difference, other times it can be quite a lot, enough for a car owner to complain about his power output.

Dyno's and their graphs are and always WILL be important to men for so many different reasons and on so many levels. I do wish that every one had the same type. Maybe ban Dyno Jets? From now on on Mustang graphs are legit. LOL.
The thing is, it seems a HUGE majority has a dyno jet. Am I correct on this?
Granted you can get variance from Dyno Jet machines but its MUCh smaller than from other types like the Mustang.
I think someone once came up with a percentage figure or an equation that CONVERTED Mustang results to Dyno jet results. I dont think they were really valid and it never flew.

I have to admit that I was definitely one who had a good idea what my DynoJet reading was going to be my AA car but did not rest until I tracked one down and had a graph printed out. To know for SURE. I think it was like 30 HP higher. A lot for a car in the 400HP range, 410(M)vs 440+HP(DJ). I dont remember exactly.

But it was worth the 75 bucks just for the silly(or not so silly) piece of paper.
At the time. It was still "slow" IMO. I so longed for the HPF rush. Soon. To me its one of the best sensations in the world. I do love it(on occasions LOL)

I think I speak for most (not all) of us when I say its much nicer to see that graph posted with the BIGGER numbers rather than the smaller ones...even though its the same car making the same power. Funny, huh?

Have to stay in practice. Its been a while. I dedicate this overly long, rambling, basically unimportant post to Marcus.
Cliffnotes: Erase this post, forget it, and read what i already said about this subject in the last post.

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