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Originally Posted by kylekylekyle View Post
i saw some youtuber videos on it. Seems simple enough and I looked closer when I got home. It definitely sounds like its right up in that area. Its hard to tell because its up in the air intake area so it kind of reverberates. But it seems likes it is the Disa plus from other posts it seems replacing the Disa would be a great idea for improving worn performance anyways. I'm going to most likley order the part tomorrow and swap the sucker out.
Search for DISA on youtube, you should find a video where a guy shows you how to unplug it. You can do this while the car is idling to prove that it is what's clicking. Happened to me, I unplugged it, clicking stopped, plugged it back in, ordered a new DISA, swapped it out. Job jobbed. (Clean the MAF while you're in there)

There is also a DIY on this forum about how to repair the device yourself using some epoxy (no new DISA required), but it's dangerous because it requires loosening a pin that you then really really need to get secured back in place. If that pin ever comes loose it goes into the engine.

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