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Originally Posted by CSL323 View Post
Woops! Excuse my terrible grammar! I'm tired!

Should try it! You guys have 'MONSTER' up there, don't you?

This is how it goes...

Monster tastes like Red Bull on crack.
Mother tastes like Red Bull if it were just chillin' to Led Zeppelin while high.
and Red Bull. Well, that gives you wings...

Good evening there, IrocThe325i! (I just figured out what your username meant lol)

Well, there seems to be MANY E46s lying around my street. Not enough M3s and too many 318s.

In need of six cylindah!

And congratulations on quitting smoking, we're proud of you :')

haha not a monster fan but love redbull. my favorites Full Throttle Citrus tho.

and thank you. Its been rough haha,

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