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Originally Posted by BDK-ZHP View Post
I know this is late, but just have to add this...
I've been a chef for 30 years and do not subscribe to brining meat. Brining is a type of curing not cooking. I know a lot of people and chefs are into it but I am not.
It's like deep fried turkey, why do it? You could deep fry pig sh*t and it would taste good, just add some ranch dressing!
The best restaurants don't do it, some restaurants do but the good restaurants keep it simple, natural and healthy.
Brining leaches out the natural juices and replaces it with salt. Yes, Salt does add flavor but you can always add salt later if needed.
Dry meat is overcooked, learn to cook the meat, and fish properly and you will appreciate the natural flavors more.
Buy Free Range or Natural Poultry because it tastes like Poultry should.
I do prefer corn-fed beef over grass-fed though.

My helpful hint: Boiling eggs and want to know if they're done without cracking them?
Pull one out, place the fatter end down and try to twirl it like a top.
If it spins upright, without wobbbling, it is done.
If it wobbles or falls over and won't spin, it is not done, put it back in.
Brining does not leach out the natural juices. Osmosis causes the meat to pull salt in in order to balance the salinity of the meat with the salinity of the water. As a result, meat will retain more natural juices during cooking.

Deep fried turkey is awesome. It stays moist and juicy - leftovers will stay moist longer in the fridge.

And as the son of a chicken farmer, I can say that "free range" means nothing. The vast majority of free range chickens are raised 100% indoors and never see the light of day. "Free range" technically means that the chickens have access to the outdoors, which means that their indoor cages have passageways to outdoor cages . . . however they are only fed in their indoor cages so they never actually bother to go outside.
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