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thanks for the review. im planning on getting this installed for my iphone adapter solution, but i have a few questions...

i dont have a cd changer(i have the harmon/kardon sound system and mode button) , ... but my VIN specs say i have a HUD for it or something... meaning its wired for it? maybe? so, will i still be able to use this unit even though my car didnt come with the cd changer?

and as well, as for the blue tooth function: my car does have the "talk " button on the steering wheel, but when i press it nothing happens. i asked my dealer and they said if you press the talk button and nothing happens , that mean you dont have bluetooth. so my question is, when using the bluetooth of the mediabridge, will the steering wheel "talk" button work to answer calls...? or is it completely useless, if i dont have factory bluetooth?

one more thing .. has anyone used the spec dock with this mediabridge? i really like neat way it stores your iphone in the ash tray.

ill be ordering this from an aftermarket installer and having them install it, as i have no skills in this area whatsoever.


anyone who has any ifo please chime in
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