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Originally Posted by Hacauce View Post
Stop by sometime, I want to see her in person
Haha sure thing... after finals next week I will be pretty free.

Originally Posted by ICONIKE46 View Post
damnn, gotta love the PROPER suspension job. ASTs are no joke and quite a big chunk of change haha. Easily the best coilovers for our cars. Atleast you're doin it right OP. Posts updates sooon.
Originally Posted by Gheybe View Post
fuuck damn it this is the most expensive thread i've ever opened.

I hate you/ i love you.

Originally Posted by SL Blak Soldier View Post
WTF brian. really?

man, i want those rims!

can't wait for all that stuff to be done, my sedan twin! lol.

you'll have fun with that suspension. i'm rollin' the same spring rates.
Yeah I'm back in business!!

Rims are pretty cool, it is almost exactly what I was searching for back in the day a super lightweight concave CSL styled wheel.

I still remember when we had the same sig.

Love the suspension so far... now I gotta get some sways... maybe I'll buy it for myself as a Christmas present.
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