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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
Do you have a good spot behind you to drop the bar if you fail?
My bench has safety bars that I just started putting up the other day. Until now I wasn't concerned with failing but I will probably fail soon so if I do I can just dump the bar on there. Today is 205. 200 was really heavy for me the other day so with a full day of food and last nights good sleep I'm hoping I can get through it easily. Tonight I'll update with my two month progress.

Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
it will all be worth it in a couple months when you see how much your body and strength have changed.
I hope so man. I'm more strong than I ever was so this is good for me so far. I don't look too different but I'm not too concerned with that right now. I want to get a decent strength base for when I finally go into the strength and conditioning workouts. I'm just glad I snapped out of the "leg press is just as good as squat" and "ahh I don't need to deadlift" phase. Like I said before, I was just lying to myself lol.
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