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I am not avoiding answering the question. Yes our plan and hope is by the end of the year. Is it going to happen? Not 100% sure at this point. We have working versions but they are not 100% plug and play. We can easily just hack off the harness and hard wire everything but that would defeat the point of the product and it's not something most owners want to do with their BMW. We are working and it's not an 'easy' product to simply throw together. We do not offer products like that. We want the amp to be perfect, the fitment to be perfect an the results to be phenomenal. We have to create the design, get the prototype, test the prototype and make changes. After all that is done and correct we have to do a manufacturing run and it has to be correct. No one wants to plug in their amp and feed power back the wrong way and burn a module up. There is a lot to the product including amp, harnesses and crossovers. We also are working on releasing a few fitments all at once as opposed to one car with one system fitment at a time. This of course extends the release time frame.

So the short answer is yes we want it to be released before the end of the year but no guarantees. I can assure you that I, and BSW, want it to be released sooner rather than later. It will be by far our most popular product.
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