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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
I should clarify: The pic on the Dragon does not have rear spacers installed. I had to remove them. I was using 10mm RE spacers with these wheels and didn't know it was a deathwish. After a fuel stop in Kentucky, I noticed I had sheared of 3 bolts from the driver's side rear and 2 on the passenger side rear during the drive down. I nearly crapped myself as I had just done a several high speed runs only minutes before; it terrifies me to think how close I came to blowing off two rear wheels at high speed

It turns out 10mm RE spacers do not fit safely with the hub design of many aftermarket wheels, the VMR V713 being one of them. Infact, 10mm spacers are rarely recommended with use on BMW hubs because of the chamfered hub design on our wheels.

FWIW, Eibach spacers do not have this problem. You may want to throw that out there for any of your customers who plan on/are using 10mm spacers.
With how flush it is I can see why you removed the spacers for the Dragon run. Still looks great with the tire tucking through the turn though. And I will definitely share the information about the Eibach spacers.
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