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Originally Posted by secono330ci View Post

Very good choice on doing the hood like that. I'm speechless
Thank you Sir! For some reason I think we have similar tastes. I really love your car as well.

Originally Posted by ikeepemclean View Post
nice build, very clean

Since you had both the uuc tse3 and magnaflow full catback, which do you like better?
Thanks! Overall I like my Magnaflow more it is a little quieter than my old TSE3. I do miss however the burbling sound that that TSE3 made under very light load. That and the TSE3 tips didn't get as dirty since they were chromed I think the Magnaflow is polished stainless. I got it covered now I put a coating on the tips now that prevents the black build up.

Originally Posted by JELBMW330I View Post
Looks great dude!!
Thanks again!

Originally Posted by SL Blak Soldier View Post
et35 on a 9.5 in the front should clear just about every strut from my knowledge (with the exception of racelands, which i know for a fact you are wanting to run)

ps brian, looks legit! when i sell my bbs, i'm thinking about buying some of those 9.5s!

p/s black out htat chrome trim!
Yeah they are pretty awesome. I thought I remember you saying you didn't like ARC's because of the hub area though? I knew I had to get my stuff posted before everyone started to run the ARC's. I was surprised not many are running the 9.5's yet.

Don't worry Raj... that is happening this week.

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