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Three Magic Ingredients

Fuel, Air & Spark

If you head in the direction of fuel, use this resource for the best prices:
But you can check out the fuel pressure at the fuel rail Schrader valve first.
I'd also not overlook your crankshaft position sensor. And your fuel pump relay could be suspect too. And read the DIY section if you decide to replace.
You need to spend some time here searching for these different topics and bringing yourself up to speed. All your questions have been dealt with many times before. Just needed to be pointed in the right direction.
Sorry you're getting whammed so soon after becoming a new owner. Don't let this sour your attitude toward your car.
Come back here when you get new info and we'll do our best to give you more clues.

Originally Posted by Jerry Murk View Post
I was thinking about getting the fuel filter and fuel pump checked. It does crank but the engine isnt turning over. I haven't done any maintenance on it yet because i just purchased it 2 months ago. how much do you think a new fuel pump and/or filter would cost?
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