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Originally Posted by Bugermass View Post
Yes definatly wheel HP, and the TQ was just over 600FT/Lbs.. Thats a large chunk of TQ.. We probably put about 30 passes between the track and the street at this power level. And the motor has alot of miles on it. But either way, looking at the stock rods, they are a little thin.. we compared the stock rods and pistons to stock 2J rods and pistons.. The pistons are not hugely different but the S54 rods are significanty thinner.

The next step we are taking, is to build the motor with no sleeves and see what the stock block will handle reliably without sleeving. Bossman says he wants to have it built and in the car before end of this year ..

We're probably gonna go with the lower compression pistons on this build since they are around 30grams lighter. Then next motor after this one will be full out race motor and we'll go nuts with it. Right now we just want to see what the stock block will handle without sleeves.
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