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I now have the right side flaps operating correctly

The bottom linkage which connects the inner and outer flaps was my issue, it had come out of position during the disassembly stage without me noticing - it shouldn't actually be visible as mine was which led me to reassemble it out of position. The flexible arm from the inner right flap has two nipples, the uppermost nipple fits into a track which runs right to left underneath the fan box, the lowermost nipple connects to the flexible arm from the rear right flap. If this pops out on you don't worry as each of the flexible arms can only be re-inserted into the flaps' hinges in one orientation - if you shine a torch through the little holes in the flap you will see a notch to align the link pins with. It's not posible to photograph this so just take my word for it

The top linkage of the outer flap is the one which actually moves with the recirculation button and can only be inserted AFAIK with the outer flap closed and A/C set to recirculate. If assembled correctly the inner flap will be closed as the outer one opens.

Assembly of the right flaps is thus as follows.

1- Hit recirculate on A/C and allow motors to settle.
2- Ensure the bottom linkage is connected to the bottom of the inner flap and that it sits in its track underneath the fan via the top nipple of the link (feel underneath between the two flaps).
3- Ensure the linkage from the outer flap also connects to the bottom nipple of the link (If this is correct you can slide the linkage left to right by feeling underneath the fan box and observe the inner flap moving - the outer flaps' hinge will move accordingly).
4- Insert bottom of the outer flap to its hole (where the bottom link terminates) and using gentle downward pressure push top of flap into its mount. If the inner flap is closed the outer flap will be open and visa-versa, the flap must be aligned correctly with respect to the linkage pins so just rotate slightly until you can push down the retaining pin at the bottom of the outer flap.
5- Reach underneath fan box and move the linkage (or push the outer flap) to ensure the outer flap is closed.
6- The top link is then inserted into the top of the outer flap, the hinge on this link sits perpendicular to the flap hinge and to the left as you look at it from the front of the car (this is very tight space wise so take car not to break the link pin as you persuade it into place.


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