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Originally Posted by tinman831 View Post
It's not an issue about recognition. It's about the money.
Originally Posted by kaput View Post
This is BS. Do you know how much a Pharmacist makes???

My wife is a tech at Target, and her boss clears $180,000 a year before bonuses. And this is small town PA... LA, NYC and other major cities would pull 3 times that easy.

Technically, they are not allowed to administer shots/medication. My wife is fully trained to do so, and has to give everyone their flu shots, and the pharmacist, which spent 6 years in school, and did a residency cannot...

It is more about untying the hands of a trained person according to the law.
Didn't sign. Pharmacists make enough money as is without being able to scam medicare/medicaid.

I hear kaputs wife is rich and she voluntarily commutes 150 miles every day and works 80 hours a week because she is so baller.
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