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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
I hear kaputs wife is rich and she voluntarily commutes 150 miles every day and works 80 hours a week because she is so baller.
Your reading comprehension skills are horrible. My wife is a Pharmacy TECH... Not a Pharmacist. Her boss makes $180,000 a year, commutes close to 150 miles a day and works 80 hour weeks (some are 40, most are 60, October through December is 80+).

I never once said my wife was a pharmacist, and further to the point, if she made $180,000 a year, do you honestly think I would own a 10 year old M3 with lighting problems?

And the "scam medicare/medicade" thing you have going on is BS. There is absolutely nothing they can do to scam anyone. Sure, there might be a few mom and pop shops that have the ability, but major chains are not easily capable (unless you are truly a scam artist, and have only the intent to steal from people). You and crazy cat lady would make a great couple.

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