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thank you

I love this much traffic. Been trolling since 03 lol

Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Stick to cats...

I personally know many pharmacists have greater knowledge of the risks mixing drugs. Many have studied the effects of different prescriptions for many years, and in fact is a duty to cross reference the drugs listed by a patient, and contact the doctor who issued if a red flag is raised.

Also, they are the people in charge of filling your prescription correctly. Ever get a drug that isn't yours? It happens, rarely, but it happens. They have ultimate control over most controlled substances, and are obligated to contact authorities when they see the signs of an abuser.

Think about the ultimate power these people have in terms of the healthcare industry. They spend almost as much time in school, and certainly much more time than a nurse, RNA and many other "healthcare providers", yet are not allowed to give advice, and have to channel all questions through a nurse, with little to no real experience other than checking blood pressure, pulse, temperature and asking you to take your clothes off.
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