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Originally Posted by tinman831 View Post
Yes I do know how much they make. Starting out of school, you can easily make 120k (even more in rural areas where there is a stronger need). Doctors and dentists have been able to bill for counseling for years, pharmacists are just now wanting a slice of the pie. I think this is BS, as counseling should be something you provide as a courtesy to your patients. I am a dentist and never bill my patients for showing them how to brush and floss or providing information on how to quit smoking, even though I could.

A pharmacist can take a CE course and administer vaccinations too. Nothing special there. Counseling of patients has always been one of the job duties of a pharmacist. There is no hand tying going on unless you're talking about the ability for a pharmacist to charge for their advice. I have never heard one single pharmacist complain that they are not being adequately compensated for their services. They may not get the appreciation or the title of doctor, but they make plenty of money.
I completely agree. Maybe it is the people I know, and feel they would not abuse the system. Those in a chain (Target, walmart, etc) would not have these options. Only the private shops, small business types could, or even would if anything.

I just think they need a little more in terms of what they are allowed to do. Meaning that they are healthcare providers, but cannot (it is illegal) to give out medical advice, even though they have the knowledge, and more to the point, have more knowledge in terms of medications. They have access to the persons histories, and can cross reference the other drugs that person is on.

Having the ability to make suggestions to a person, who they have a history with regarding a drug that might work for them would be great. But according to law, they are not allowed, unless they say something like "There are many options out there to reduce chronic pain from fibro, I would ask your doctor about drugs like __________". She didn't actually give advice, but stated there are many drugs out there like this name brand.

To me it is funny. People trying to keep educated people like pharmacists from having the ability to help, yet those same people will go to WebMD for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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