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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
You need to become a certified Pharmacist. Schooling is brutal, and long, and you are required and responsible for many lives.

Sure the money is great, but she commutes 150 miles a day, and works 80 hour weeks... Just saying.
Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Your reading comprehension skills are horrible. My wife is a Pharmacy TECH... Not a Pharmacist. Her boss makes $180,000 a year, commutes close to 150 miles a day and works 80 hour weeks (some are 40, most are 60, October through December is 80+).

I never once said my wife was a pharmacist, and further to the point, if she made $180,000 a year, do you honestly think I would own a 10 year old M3 with lighting problems?

And the "scam medicare/medicade" thing you have going on is BS. There is absolutely nothing they can do to scam anyone. Sure, there might be a few mom and pop shops that have the ability, but major chains are not easily capable (unless you are truly a scam artist, and have only the intent to steal from people). You and crazy cat lady would make a great couple.
Indefinite pronouns, Deal With It.

Absolutely nothing??? You must think lawyers can't scam anyone either. major chains are fully able to scam too. They will do it until they get caught and owe millions of dollars as a result of class action suits.

Finally, if her avg work week is 60, you shouldn't call that "80 hour weeks" its not accurate. Are you including commuting time?
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