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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
why they are not even "real" doctors
Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
no...the highest degree in engineering is a master.

I am not about the money. they pay was alright but I like doing stuff with my hands. grew up with a bunch of boys so I am used to getting dirty and getting roughed up by my brothers.

seriously...what sounds more sexy? being part of a team that improved on the design of the guidance systems on a bunker buster bomb or sitting in a clinic/office with high heels, slacks, and a lab coat?
Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
i did rotations between the clinics and the main hospital. i mainly worked in out-patients. the jobs is really brainless and it wasn't stimulating enough. now, I don't claim to be smart. in matter of fact I am kinda of a blonde (Asian version of course. i have a lot of blonde moments)

all i did was read what the computers told me and signed the paperwork. it was really borring so I left
Originally Posted by calledig1tal View Post
^ you are truly Asian American. get that advanced degree, then opt out for fulfillment. awesome!

So you went from claiming to be a housewife, to a doctor of pharmacology, and now you're an engineer that works on guided missle systems? Yet you had trouble understanding why airplanes can't fly backwards?

hmm, shiftless, asian, bucket full of costly unused degrees...

flashtwosix, let's drop the false pretenses.... are you VillanovaGrad's mom?

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