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OK so one of the members asked me if I could help in making their own axle press. This is a DIY forum, so happy to help:
Buy some aluminum rod. I used Ask them to cut you a 1" and a 1/2" wafer of 4" aluminum barstock, and a 1/2" wafer of 2-1/14" aluminum bar stock.

Download this PDF Drawing. Print it out making sure that you are at 100% of size. Cut out the drawings, and use some photo spray adhesive to stick them to the barstock faces. The outer edges of the drawing should match up to your wafers. You now have your template showing you where to cut. Use a punch to set your drilling centers, and away you go.

I cut these on a cheap bandsaw, using a wood and metal cutting blade, (Morse part# ZCDC06) that you can get at Menards, Home Depot, etc. Drill and tap, and sometimes countersink, and you should be good. You could use a hole saw to make quicker work of the centers if you want but I just cut them.

Note that I dropped the bolt sizes down a bit from my original. I really got some good pressure out of this thing. you could probably break the joint free with only two of the 1/4" bolts going through the press part, but there are four holes there just in case. You need a long threaded bolt, if you can't find one, use a carriage bolt and turn it using the square end, or use threaded rod with a pair of nuts jammed at the end for your ratchet wrench to turn.

Use the details above in replacing your boots, and you should be good!

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