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Originally Posted by FeelingLucky View Post
I have a suspicion that you're going to be REALLY dissappointed if you're expecting album art.

I could be wrong, but the snippets we'se seen so far suggest album art, and I think they're flattering to deceive.
Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
This is correct, it is NOT coverflow or album is just meant to look kind of like that....although it looks different the actual operation is pretty much the same as the D95 (I suspect it has the same ipod hardware)

Ill try to do a video of an audi D99 unit at some point but I have some other stuff going on right now that is taking up every last second of my extra time....
Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
Very cheeky of them in that case!

Originally Posted by petrut View Post
there is no album art. is just a background.

Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
So they used photos of albums as background? sounds naff, Whats it like in practice?

Any good pics?

Originally Posted by petrut View Post
that`s it.
a text window in the middle of screen.

Originally Posted by MaximumWalrus View Post
Thanks for that.

What a truely bizarre thing for them to do. Surely it would have been easier to just have a plain yet nice looking background rather than fixed photographs of somebody elses CD collection? Very odd. It's almost as if they want people to think it has album art because the real explanation - that it is pictures of a random CD collection - is simply too odd to think could be the case.

sorry but this was a funny thread to read and I come to the last three posts to find that it is the funniest part in the entire thread. I printed and framed this for my desk at work.


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