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Originally Posted by nedined View Post
If we get 30+ Orders => will we get 30% Off and free S&H? Can you ask this the BSW? If yes, I'll sign up and I believe most of the fanatics will jump in too. Otherwise I doubt this GB will ever have a success. Stage I upgrade is well overpriced.
The upgrade is a great value but value is subjective. When you consider the E46 system is a front 3 way component and a rear 2 way component system the price really does reflect the kind of quality you are getting. A quality 3 way is not a cheap proposition. Combined with a rear component set and your cost goes up. Part of the pricing is the plug and play aspect and ease of installatin. However large 1 inch silk tweeter, quality fiberglass composite midbass speaker and butyl rubber surrounds. To be up front it is the most popular system we offer. We are currently on backorder for Stage 1 with Standard Audio. We have sold though more than half of our holiday inventory for HK. Wish we had more but we simply just ran out

Definitely worth the price at 599.99 but with 10% or even 20% off it becomes even more appealing. I'll let the group buy run and we'll see what we can get. Will just end up with another group of happy campers!
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