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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Do the Meyles require a thin wrench or do they have a hex head to hold the ball joint when tightening? It took me maybe an hour to grind down a BMW wrench to fit for my lemforders. Anyway, I'm glad you found your clunk!
Funny you ask. I was worried about that as the new Meyle's only had the female hex head cavity in the end of the bolt, no matching piece on the inside part of the joint at all. The old links required the thin 17mm wrench to remove though I didn't worry about damaging the boot so I used a regular one to remove them.

I was prepared to just use an open end/box wrench on it to tighten as there was no way to hold things in place with the hex head AND use a socket on the nut with my torque wrench. The good news is the bolts didn't seem to spin at all and I was able to tighten things down and set it properly with the torque wrench without having to hold things in place. Also the Meyle's use a 15mm nut instead of a 17 or 16 and I needed a deep-well socket to get things finally tightened as the bolt seemed a bit longer than the old one. (Lots of small variations on the specs of these things apparently.)

My recollection is that I didn't need to hold things when I put in the old ones either, so I'm thinking that maybe the new parts are stiff enough to get things properly tightened but after they wear out you need to hold things in place to avoid the bolt's spinning. That would explain the design change.
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