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Ok so I got my clutch/flywheel kit a few days ago. It shipped out a day late so I wasnt able to do the job over the weekend as planned. So now I am going to have trouble finding time to do it in the next few weeks, so.......

My question now is, what is some advice on whether I should wait a couple of months for the bad weather season to be over and save the new clutch from the rain, slush, & snow?

My current clutch still grips well in 1 & 2 and really only slips at mid RPMs and getting on the gas. I feel it could be babied for a while but I dont want to find myself in a situation where it craps out on me suddenly. I guess I wonder if the SAC gives a false sense of it being not as bad as it really is.

On a side note for anyone that goes the Gripforce route, make sure to check the components of the kit well before install. The release bearing I got has a manufacturing defect and they are sending me out a new one. I was told it is a LUK product so it may just be a freak thing, but always a good idea to check things well before install.

P.S. My driving is 95% city driving (almost no highway) and I only put about 600 or so miles on the car a month.

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