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Originally Posted by jneumann View Post
If it's anything like the beagleboard, we should leave it at 500Mhz. 600 is doable, but pushing it, 720 results in heat deaths from what I've heard.

SetCPU won't work because it's a custom board, and probably doesn't have any way of modifying the PLL driving the CPU. Besides, this thing already benches near my 1Ghz Samsung Mesmerize. I'm pretty sure RAM is the issue here.

As for the bootloader, we honestly don't need something like clockworkmod. SD card flashing gets us everything we need, albeit all at once. Not to mention the whole no button issue. I think I'd rather just flash via SD card than try to figure out how to wire up some buttons. I already have a USB debugging cable hanging out of my dash that I'm about ready to just cut off.

Nandroid backups however, would be nice...
So a new bootloader would do way more than flashing, besides flashing would still occur from the SD card. I'm not sure what you are referring to "wire up some buttons"? You have buttons on it already to operate it don't you? Sorry all the pics I have seen are for the 99 on the dynavin site. Backups, reset button functions, flashing new skins from bootloader instead of replacing everything. Lots more too. I think its worth it, when I get the 99 ill be trying for sure.

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