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Originally Posted by Gatorsurgeon View Post
This. I think he is going to include a bunch of other material that took place at that time; during much of the adventure described in the Hobbit, Gandalf was elsewhere on other business. Galadriel is present in this trailer, yet she makes no appearance in The Hobbit. I hope he'll tell the story of Gandalf, Saruman et. al and their dealings with The Necromancer, who actually turns out to be Sauron.

Sorry to geek it up, but these are my favorite books in the world.
No problem geeking it up... with that Gandalf, Saruman et. al include Radagast the Brown? (thought I'd geek it up a bit too). I haven't read the Simarillion or other works so I'm not really familliar with all the other lore.
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