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Originally Posted by chris98891 View Post
Also, how bad would it be running a few days without the bobber? The floating part of the bobber is still in there, and i'll just use the length of that plus the stem i pulled out as a judge, but could a bad coolant level do this to my heat?
S/B 5.5" from the top of the filler neck to the top of the coolant. Your bobber is slightly less buoyant now...not by much, but it's not just low coolant, it's an air bubble caught because maybe you didn't bleed properly when you did the therm...caught a bubble hanging up the flow through the heater core.

Bleed it, and bleed it thoroughly! If it was me, I'd start with pos 2, heater on high, fan on low...then start the engine, rev to 4000 rpms for 20 secs.

Turn off car.

Open ET, fill to 5.5" below (you don't really need an ET if you carry a thin ruler! (I measured a long time ago for another who broke his stick). Do not overfill.

Repeat as necessary.

20 secs. don't do it longer; don't let engine get hot. Some drive up on ramps, others burp the upper hose (squeeze and release slowly), some bleed cold (like me), others hot, and others use the method I mentioned which comes from BMW--I know I saw it in a TIS which I think was for another model. I haven't tried it myself as I haven't had an issue following the instructions for cold bleeding.

But, you're not really filling up from the bottom...with original bleeding (cold), you don't get air bubbles really because you're adding coolant very slowly.

The revving helps push bubbles trapped out.

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