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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
...and I'm serious about the driving. Although you could be fine doing that, you could be very unfine. It's not worth the risk. Pay attention to the temp gauge...

If it ever does begin to overheat, pull over, turn key to pos 2, heater on highest temp, fan on max speed, three red help pull some of the heat out of the engine...the heater core is a second'll help a little bit to mitigate any damage that might otherwise be caused from overheating.

You're far safer thinking it's more risky to drive than thinking it's fine because some here have said it's fine. I don't know that we know enough to guess; thus, if you're going to err, do so on the side of caution--which side doesn't have a $1000+ repair ticket!
Again, advice taken seriously. Thanks for all your care DMax, i appreciate it. I'll let you know how this all turns out in the near future!
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