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Thank you all for your help so far, here is where i am now.
  • No heat, still. Occasional warm gust at best
  • Pretty sure the heater solenoid works, we can feel it move when switching the heater on and off
  • We're waiting for it to cool for our 4th bleed cycle
  • There are some serious air pockets somewhere.

Here is the problem, whenever I turn off the car after revving, the line coming from the thermostat becomes totally limp, no pressure at all (marked in yellow in the picture). The line running from the expansion tank to the heater core at no point becomes full, and doesn't ever become nearly as hot as the thermostat-to-expansion tank line. (marked with red arrow)

Here is our routine for bleeding.
Car is cool, open expansion tank, top off. Close expansion tank, start car, open bleed screw until air bubbles stop coming out. Rev for 20 seconds, return to idle, shut off car.

We're now on our 4th cycle, barely had to put in any coolant/water last time.

Any more thoughts?

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