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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Not sure where you got your bleeding instructions...sounds like they came from here someplace...I know it's not from me.

Try again without opening up the bleeder screw, turn your heater on high, fan on low, and make sure the 3 red dots are showing on the dial between your center vents. Then rev the car for 20 secs.

Although your method might work, I suspect that having the bleeder open reduces the pressure your system would push fluid/air through. I could be totally wrong about this, but I know from the instructions I've read from BMW, there's no method involving keeping the bleeder open while the car is running. This is a unique cooling system...very few cars have it.

Give my method a try and see where you get.

Don't that 5.5" measurement I gave you.
EDIT: basically what the problem i think i'm running into is....bubbles are still coming out of the bleeder screw when the car reaches temp and opens the thermostat, and therefor spews coolant everywhere. Should I put the cap on the ET before closing the bleeder valve?

I got my method from here:

The problem i ran into when using your method, while idling, after a long enough time, my expansion tank quickly fills and sprays coolant everywhere.
This may be super basic, but i couldn't tell from the TIS instructions....should i have the car running while the top is off the expansion tank? When it says switch on ignition, i took that as turn on car, and not just accessory position.

Could we have overfilled the tank? While using the TIS method, I did notice air bubbles coming out of the bleeder screw. (Until of course, coolant spewed everywhere)

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