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Originally Posted by Daggwood View Post
LOVE it, wheels look sick!
Thanks man!

Originally Posted by Studdly_Studright View Post
very nice! I love red and gold. Maybe you could get a cf csl trunk to match, or paint the hood...just a suggestion to balance it out a little
Appreciate it bud!

Originally Posted by .::M::. View Post
The contrast of red/gold is sick!

The gray is really cool as well, im a fan of that grey
Haha thanks!

Originally Posted by Bimmekid91 View Post
Lol should we also tell him purple fuzzy dice look cool too?
If your going to act like this just keep it to yourself and don't post. Simple as that.

Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
I actually love gold rims. It's just that you have gold rims... and a black hood... that has vents on it... and really bright angel eyes... and yellow headlights... and stickers in every corner of your windshield... and stickers on your fenders... and stickers on your trunk... and stickers on your rear windshield...

These are not bad mods by themselves, but they are just (in my opinion) too much altogether visually.

That's just my opinion.
It's not like they are huge and obnoxious. The windshield decals are from mfest forum and car club. It's the spot where they are put on every members car. The trunk decal is the thin blue line. My family is in law enforcement and I'm going to school now to become a state trooper here. It has saved me every time I get stopped. Tint laws here suck and that decal helps every time I get stopped for my windows. I have two very small bbs decals on the rear quarter windows that I got when I purchased my wheels. The uuc and bilstein decals are small also. They all came with the parts I bought. I'm proud off the parts on my car and I think it shows people how there products look and perform.

I see what your saying though. No hard feelings man. Thanks.
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