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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
No, key to ignition means the second click, just before you'd continue to push the key to start the car.

"My" method is key in position 2. The car is off, cold. You need to follow directions very closely, and when you're unsure, read more, until you convulse. I don't think you even got dizzy! LOL

Car off. Try again.

Then maybe it's a problem with my heater solenoid...when i put the key to position 2, heat high or low, i can't get anything to happen at the expansion tank. Nothing moves, no bubbles, nada. Not until i start the car, car reaches temp, and the thermostat opens do i start to see any action up front.

In theory, turning the key to position 2 should trigger the solenoid to divert coolant from the system into the heater core, and therefor start moving coolant/bubbles around the system right?

PS, thank you for all of your help. You've put up with me and my inability to follow directions quite nicely. haha

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