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Pos 2 with heater on is to open the water valve so coolant can flow into the heater core...you wouldn't expect to see anything happening in ET. When car is off, no wp, no circulation. The tis on bleeding is when you fill it up from empty...you need coolant getting into heater core.

If you open up ET cap when the car is running, you be raising the level of coolant, which expands when hot...thus if you fix the level while warm, it will be too low when cold.

Anyway, try again...try just reving to 4000rpm for 20 secs (with heater on/fan on/3 red dots.

Then turn off, open cap, add coolant. You've no need of the bleeder screw now, I don't think.

Repeat this rvving/checking level until your level is stable...keep monitoring.

Originally Posted by chris98891 View Post
Then maybe it's a problem with my heater solenoid...when i put the key to position 2, heat high or low, i can't get anything to happen at the expansion tank. Nothing moves, no bubbles, nada. Not until i start the car, car reaches temp, and the thermostat opens do i start to see any action up front.

In theory, turning the key to position 2 should trigger the solenoid to divert coolant from the system into the heater core, and therefor start moving coolant/bubbles around the system right?

PS, thank you for all of your help. You've put up with me and my inability to follow directions quite nicely. haha
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