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Originally Posted by Paulscustom View Post
Is the piston stuck or just the bushings on the bolts sticking. Pull the bolts and sleeves, clean and lightly grease them. You could work the piston in and out by having someone apply the brake the carefully with a screw driver collapse the piston by inserting it between the pad and rotor. Drive it and see if it's heating up again. Good luck! Bad timing for brake trouble.
Well that's the problem, I'm not there to see and diagnose myself. I'm 12 hours away at work. So I'm just going by the info she can give me over the phone. I was hoping someone has tried a quick fix and could let me know if it held up for awhile, so that her dad doesn't waste his time working on it tomorrow. Oh well, he is going to pull the wheel and look at the caliper tomorrow and I will go from there.
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