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Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
OK, I'll bite.

If it were me, I'd do it like this:

1) Oil pump: keep your stock OE pump & wire tie the nut.
2) Cams: a big NO to the stock B30 cams, get yourself 264/252 copy of the Schrick.
3) Intake manifold: B30 with adapter plate for your original TB.
4) Tune: Shark Injector, 7000 RPM, cheap & simple but very effective. Forget about 7200 RPM.
5) Harmonic Damper: throw out your OE piece & buy the ATI Super Damper.
6) If you don't have all the normal bolt-ons, buy them.

7) Down the road: nitrous. Spend $2500 on a Wizards of Nitrous direct port wet system, you'll make more power for a lot less money. Plus it will work with these cams (264/252) & setup, you won't need a high dollar "tune" to make it work either.

Merry Christmas.
Thanks, but the way to go is FI, nitro isnt for me, I think about 2k-3k used kit. Tune is custom for my setup. Adapter plate is for e46, but I dont need it because I need to change except intake manifold, disa and TB only tube where MAF installed and will have complete b30 intake, e60 m54b25-b30 air box and MAF are identical.

About cams - I dont know where I can regrind it in EU.

For boltons I have K&N filter dropin, SS replica headers, custom catless Magnaflow straight exhaust
with resonated X-Pipe.

Merry Christmas.

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