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In my post above, I forgot to mention that you should take care of cleaning and greasing the pins on all 4 sets of calipers as soon as you get the car back, and have the time. If one side is gummed up, they are all probably in a similar condition. If you had someone do the brakes before, or if you did them yourself, it is possible that the wrong type of grease was used, and it could not tolerate the heat. Make sure you use a synthetic caliper grease, or one of the newer ceramic caliper greases that are available. Just make sure it is specifically made for brake applications. But clean out all of the old grease from inside the rubber boots, and all the mating parts, with brake cleaner. Use some Q-tips to get in there really well. The new ceramic synthetic brake caliper grease may be a better choice, given the cold climate you live in. This is an important part of the brake job, but a lot of people just slinger some new grease in without cleaning out the old stuff, if they mess with the grease at all.
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