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Originally Posted by LiNk504 View Post
when mine went out, i just made a piece out of pipes from home depot to replace the valve to make sure that was the problem. Also, everywhere that I've read has said to bleed the following way
1. turn key to position 2 but don't start
2. turn the temp all the way up and make sure you have three red dots too
3. open the filling cap and the bleeding cap
4. pour coolant in and allow it to come out of the bleeding cap till no bubble come out anymore.
That's the method for filling when you've drained the system. OP has a mostly full system now, so I gave him a BMW backup method, which I've read here has been added to the TIS for our model, but don't know that for certain.

Anyway, as bleeding seems to be difficult for many, including bmw techs, I thought I'd give him an alternative.

Also, have so say that even with the method you've described, you still need to check the level for days until it's stable...and then, say, once a month or so to be safe.
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