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Originally Posted by Viktimize View Post
I don't screw around with brakes. If one side needs something, the other side gets it too. Everything is always in pairs. Thanks for the tip on checking the sliders, I just assumed it's the piston since that is such a common problem on these cars. Car is at 100k km, and it doesn't seem the PO took very good care of it, so the piston sticking does not seem far fetched at all.
I used to agree with your opinion on changing calipers in pairs. But when I had a sticky caliper my mechanic (over 30 years in the business) convinced me to only replace the bad caliper and it worked like a charm. So, now I am of the opinion that just one side can be replaced without being a problem. Of course, you must replace the bad caliper, the rotor and the pads on the one side.
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